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This is my first article to kickstart this blog and merely just a quick introduction about who I am and why you should be be reading my blog.

Who I am

I’m Dillon de Voor and I’m a freelance web developer and game programmer from The Netherlands. For as long as I can remember I’ve been interested in web development, making websites when services like GeoCities became popular. I was never really good at it though, until I started studying Media & Knowledge Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Understanding the basics of programming really helped me understand JavaScript, PHP and other programming languages such as ActionScript.

Why you should be reading my blog

This blog will mostly be about web development, since that’s what I’m doing most of the time. It won’t be about the easy stuff, you can find plenty of blogs about those already. I love challenges, whether it involves the latest web technologies or making something work on ancient browsers. If I struggle with something and come up with creative solutions I will probably write about it. You should be reading my blog, if you have a passion for anything web development related.

What’s next?

While creating this blog I came up with a different approach to layouts, I call it Justify Grid. My next article will be about why I needed a different approach, the problems I encountered working on Justify Grid and the solutions to those problems. Most of them anyway. After that I might write something about the Zend Framework 2 blog module I’m developing for this blog. It’s a work in progress and I don’t have a feed to subscribe to yet so please follow me on Twitter to stay updated. Thanks for reading!

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